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I just want to describe our goals through some brief words. As the title of this blog, our mission is simple. We’ve started this blog for almost 2 years and we are trying to help other people learn to code for free through what we’ve learned. We just want to convey everything related to computer programming in some specific contexts such as JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Linux and more to you by our limitable knowledge. Yeah, ‘limitable’ that’s right! I, the person who wrote these words is not talent or smart, we need to learn from each other and by working hard we still can achieve our goals. When you read my article, you would rarely see the catchy words, I just want to convey by what I have the clue by the rough words – but it’s always understandable. I’d consider myself is not a good inspirational person so when you read my blog, sometimes you will feel asleep. However, everything has its consequences, the more you read, the better result you get. Remember, Practice makes perfect. If you like the way I go to the points, consider continuing reading.
On my blog, it’d be composed of several different categories:
    • Programming in general: In this category, it will combine everything is related to computer programming such as algorithm, programming books, programming tutorials, etc…
    • JavaScript: In this category, we will dive a little bit deeper about JavaScript language, one of the most popular languages today. Including docs, books, tutorials and more…
    • Programming Books: Hmm, I want to learn Python, where is the material I could find and whether it’s good or not. This category was created to answer this question. It will cover the book that you should read, where should you start…and review.
    • Hacking: This is the new section we just create on our website. For those people who are interested in hacking including tutorials, free docs and more…
Yeah, of course. We cannot be productive or impressive by just learning. Sometimes learning is so frustrating, that is the reason why I create this fanpage (please click here to go to this) to give every developer a place which can be scrolling, relaxing and laughing…
But the fact is, now we have to manage a fanpage with 22K likes and a blog, sometimes it seems like quite busy for us. In order to improve the content quality and also the fanpage management – We need your support, please consider supporting us at Patreon:
Paypal: If you want to donate via Paypal, click here.
Patreon: If you want to donate via Patreon, click here.
We really appreciate any of your support! It’s the motivation that keeps us going!
If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact us at: [email protected]
Or you can inbox directly on our fanpage.
We will try our best to make this community become better! Love you all! Cheers!

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