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Hi, my name is Nam. I have a deep passion with programming and that is why I’m here with this blog. I’d love to share what I have learned with other people and it’s also a way that I can solidify my knowledge. Let’s learn to code together!
On my blog, it’d be composed of several different categories:
    • Programming in general: In this category, it will combine everything is related to computer programming such as algorithm, programming books, programming tutorials, etc…
    • JavaScript: In this category, we will dive a little bit deeper about JavaScript language, one of the most popular languages today. Including docs, books, tutorials and more…
    • Programming Books: Hmm, I want to learn Python, where is the material I could find and whether it’s good or not. This category was created to answer this question. It will cover the book that you should read, where should you start…and review.
    • Hacking: This is the new section we just create on our website. For those people who are interested in hacking including tutorials, free docs and more…
    • Computer Science: In this category, I will share with you the fundamental concepts of computer science leveraging your coding skills and understanding something “under the hood” about the computer, something that developer they should know.
    • Java: This category contains Java tutorials from basic to advanced from Java core to Java OOP and more.
In order to improve the content quality of this blog and bring to you articles with decent quality, a tiny contribution wih make a tremendous difference, then if you want to support me and my blog, please consider checking those links below:
Paypal: If you want to donate via Paypal, click here.
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GoFundMe: Support me through GoFundMe, click here.
Currently my blog serves around 20K visitors per month with a network of 40K likes on Facebook, over 1000 connections on Linkedin. If you have any question, idea about collabation and sporsorship, contact me at: [email protected]

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