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Yesterday, I’ve been talking about JavaScript and the book called JavaScript: The Definitive Guide by David Flanagan. This is an awesome book you should explore to know JavaScript in detail. Today, still JavaScript, I want to recommend another one with a little bit different style which is very popular for several years up to this point and it is named “Eloquent JavaScript” that has a really gorgeous cover.

Eloquent JavaScript 3rd Edition

OK, it’s about the cover of this book. But what about the content inside it? Does it worth my time and there are many other resources such as books, videos, tutorials about JavaScript so why should I choose this one?

Published in 2011, this book has become one of the most readable JavaScript books to date. The name of the book “Eloquent JavaScript,” it will help you become a JavaScript programmer with an elegant and efficient code writing style. Like any good programming book, Eloquent JavaScript begins with fundamentals–variables, control structures, functions, and data structures–then moves on to complex topics like object-oriented programming and regular expressions. I really impressed with the way the author – Marijn Haverbeke expresses his thoughts. The language is so well-connected and understandable.

This third edition introduces new features covering the 2017 version of JavaScript, such as class notation, arrow functions, iterators, async functions, template strings, and black scope. Author Marijn Haverbeke keeps the friendly tone and easy-to-follow explanations that made the original a hit, and he adds new exercises for readers to test their skills. Eloquent JavaScript will have readers fluent in the language of the web in no time, eloquently.

As I said before its style is a little bit different from JavaScript: The Definitive Guide which is suitable for anyone, Eloquent JavaScript does not seem to fit well with beginners with no precede coding experiences, you should read through some other basic JavaScript books before reading this book or take a look at some other programming languages then reading this book is extremely effective.

Also not just reading, practicing is significantly important and plays a dispensable role that helps you get used to this language and understand the cool things. And then another point is, don’t mix too many resources at a time and try to cram those and sometimes it will become ineffective and you will be confused about what should you follow. So, straight to the point, if here is the book that you think it’s right for you, so do it and concentrate on learning and practicing with it.

You can read or download Eloquent JavaScript here.

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