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  • Understand Method References in Java

    Before Java 8, to provide an implementation for an interface we need either to create a concrete class that implements this interface, or more concise we can use an anonymous […]

  • A Gentle Guide to Socket in Java

    What is Socket? A socket is an interface to send and receive data in two programs on the network in a bidirectional manner. In other words, a socket represent one […]

  • How to configure Tomcat Server to Run Web Application on IntelliJ IDEA

    In this article, we are going to learn how to configure the Tomcat server to run a simple “Hello World” application on the web browser with JSP and Servlet (i.e […]

  • What is tail recursion?

    In many functional programming languages such as Haskell or Scala, tail recursion is an interesting feature in which a recursive function calls itself as the last action. For example, we […]

  • Different ways to iterate any Map in Java

    1. Using entrySet() The Map.entrySet() returns a collection view Set<Map.Entry<K, V>> of the mappings in this map. To iterate over a map, we can use the getKey() method to get […]

  • Call by Name vs. Call by Value in Scala

    Substitution Model In Scala, expressions are evaluated based on the substitution model, the idea is that all evaluation does is reduce an expression into a single value like what we […]

  • Quicksort algorithm – Lomuto partition scheme

    There are a multifarious number of sorting algorithms have been proposed and being used nowadays. Perhaps you’re already familiar with some sorting algorithms such as Bubble Sort, Selection Sort, or […]

  • char *, const char *, const * char, and const char * const in C

    Not really straight like many high languages such as JavaScript, or Java, working with Strings in C is not so easy-as-pie and sometimes it’s kind of confusing. There are some […]

  • An array of pointers and A pointer to an array in C

    A pointer in C simply is just a variable holding address in the primary memory of another variable, a pointer shouldn’t be dreaded like people usually think. However, there are […]

  • 905. Sort Array By Parity – In-place Solution | LeetCode Problem

    Given an array A of non-negative integers, return an array consisting of all the even elements of A, followed by all the odd elements of A. You may return any answer array that satisfies […]