About Me

Hi, welcome to my blog. My name is Nam, and I am a software engineer. Learning is a lifelong journey, and I always remind myself of this fact; that is why I created this blog to document what I have learned and share what I find interesting. In the beginning, it did not gain so much popularity, but as I became more consistent in writing new posts, more people are now reading my blog, and I am delighted that any of my content is worth your time.

Every day, I get up from bed, look for a source of motivation, and wonder how I can positively impact the people around me. My responsibility is to fulfill my work, do it well, and readily spend time helping others if I’m capable. Besides coding, I’m also engrossed in reading and writing; To some extent, reading sharpens my mind, while writing helps me process my thought.

Thinking takes effort, it’s somewhat displeasing, and I am pretty obsessed with it. However, since two systems of thoughts intrinsically exist in each of us, it is a matter of how we can use them flexibly in different situations. Sometimes all you need is to trust your intuition, but sometimes, it pays off to start a little bit slower, then later we can accelerate.

Since December 2022, I have committed myself to writing a new blog post whenever I can, and I feel great when I can maintain this habit. Topics in my blog include programming languages, computer science and software engineering. If you’re interested in any of them, please consider subscribing to my newsletter. Once again, happy coding!

Every support is much appreciated ❤️

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