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I learn nothing from school, but I learn abundantly when I write and teach others.

Hi, my name is Nam. I created this blog in February 2018, with a humble start as a clunky, now it receives significant visitors from various places. In the first place, I was reluctant about what kind of blog I would go to create, I have revised the layout, page structure, content, and even this page you’re reading a number of times. The thorny issue I have to face is keeping the consistency in this blog as you know. However, the more vital part is about the content itself, from the very first time, my writing skills were not decent and I didn’t create many valuable contents for readers. For now, as I gain more and more experience through writing and learning, my articles somehow are more attractive than before. Frequently, I write about 2 articles per week and 8-10 per month. The content of this blog is about Web-development, JavaScript, Java. But, I usually write something that pops up in my mind and it’s pretty spontaneous, at a moment I might think about sketching a complete and intensive tutorial about one particular topic, then after a few articles, I write something else. 🙁

One question might arise, why do you mostly write tutorials while there are abundant resources out there? First of all, many successful bloggers out there they are usually professional developers, they have their ways to bring their thought to the reader, for me, I am still green, I have my own way to share information. Second of all, I usually come up with an idea of writing something that people need and so do I, when I find a new or challenging concept, I want to write my own about it and express this to some people like me. Last but not least, doing tutorials or teaching others is a great way to solidify my skills, it’s beneficial for the readers and also for myself.

I have to take responsibility for what I write, and my ultimate purpose is to make my articles approachable to the readers. I always put myself in beginners’ shoes to write and explain the concept in meticulous and detailed ways.

Nevertheless, I’m a student at this moment and writing is not an easy task, and especially if you want to write the good content, it takes usually 6-10 hours to write an article of 10 min read and after that, there are usually some revisions. I want to dedicate myself to write more often and bring great articles for the readers, but sometimes I need your support! You can support me if the content in my blog does wonder for you. A tiny contribution will make a tremendous difference that helps me keep my writing process. (I’m really sorry if the ads displayed on my blog bother you, but I need a little income to keep this site.)

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If you’re interested in collaboration and sponsorship on my blog, or you have any suggestions or ideas to make this blog better please contact me at: [email protected] or ping me via my personal email: [email protected]. Thanks for reading, have a great day!

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