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Hi, my name is Nam, and currently, I am a student and a software developer living in Vietnam. I am a (not so) hard-working and detail-oriented individual. I’m outgoing person and easy to talk to, but if I have to describe myself in one word, the thing that seems to conjure up to my mind is changeable. Depending on the different settings, I can be very friendly and enthusiastic, but sometimes I am introspective and reticent. In the very first year of my career (in 2021), I haven’t accomplished something big that makes me proud of. Still, I’ve realized that in order to become a competent software engineer, it somehow all boils down to your technical and problem-solving skills, for me, I think one way of sharpening these is to seek more challenges, define patterns of the problem and try to put your truly endeavor to it. For now, I’m not a good engineer (yet); thus, what I’ve realized is more inclined to share my personal experience rather than give advice to anybody. But I feel optimistic for myself and anybody that we can become good engineers if we have an adequate level of self-disciplined despite sometimes life being tough. The thing that I desire to do (but am also afraid of) now and in the later stage of my career is to get out of my comfort zone and approach a gradually more challenging or interesting problem. As a regular software engineer, I would spend my time writing code most of the time. Still, the importance of communication with colleagues cannot be underestimated. Thanks to the first year of my working experience, I figured out that I was a poor communicator, this led to a huge gap between I and my teammates for some period. Now, I also constantly remind myself that I need to become better at it. For the most part, I would like to spend my time working independently, but if I have to work as a team, I still try all of my best to work harmoniously with other teammates.

One way of consolidating one’s knowledge is to share what you know with others, and writing blog articles does precisely that. When I share what I’ve learned with others, not only do I learn it once, but I actually learn it twice. In my blog, most of the posts I’ve written are about Java language, this is the language I was taught at school, and it’s also what I do at work. I’m also interested in WebRTC, and I have tried several functional programming languages in the past, like Scala and Elixir. And hopefully, I can try these languages later in my career.

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