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  • An Introduction to Term Frequency – Inverse Document Frequency (tf-idf)

    tf-idf is one of the most fundamental concepts in information retrieval, it’s the product of 2 statistics, the term frequency (tf), which is the numeric value that represents how many […]

  • Implementing retries with exponential backoff

    Making a call to an external service might fail for a lot of reasons, sometimes it’s due to network failure, sometimes it’s because the external service is too busy, or […]

  • Executing tasks with the Executor Framework in Java

    Java offers us many ways to write multi-threading applications, at the early stage, we probably create a new thread for each task by manually extending the Thread class, this seems […]

  • AOC 2022 – Day 5: Supply Stacks

    You can read the full description for day 5 here. In summary for part 1, we have been provided a number of stacks, each stack may contain a number of […]

  • WebRTC – Go beyond the APIs Part 1: Signaling and Connecting

    We were in the middle of the pandemic. Many of us have to get accustomed to the new norm, stay at home to work and study, etc.…We are separated and […]

  • Avoiding NullPointerException in Java

    NullPointerException is one of the most hideous exceptions in Java. It can silently stop the execution of one thread, or it can, fatally terminate the execution of the whole program. […]

  • Introduction to Trie Data Structure

    Trie is a data structure that is not so popular but is particularly useful when you have to work a lot with strings. It also has different names like a […]

  • Creating callback functions in Java

    If you are familiar with some event-driven languages such as JavaScript, especially the ES6 version or later, you probably have done some work with callback functions all the time. By […]

  • Why do you need to override equals and hashCode methods in Java?

    If you have used some data structures such as a hash map or a hash set for storing your custom object, you probably have to write your own implementation of […]

  • How to Get Better at Programming – 10 Practical Tips

    The XXI century is an era of mobile apps, mind-blowing games, helpful software, and informative, entertaining websites. Those things would not exist without specialists who wrote coding for them. The […]

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