Exploring the Benefits of Game-Based Learning in Computer Science Education3 min read

It would be fair to say that there is no reversing the impact and power of computers at this stage in history, and rather than fighting against the grain, more and more educators are now taking the approach of using game-based learning in computer science to enhance a student’s development rather than see it as any kind of hindrance. In fact, there are numerous benefits of this that can really enhance the learning experience of students. Parents should also have an understanding of coding for kids so they can support their educational journey. Here are some of those many benefits, slightly expanded upon.

  • Engagement And Motivation

The facts are that games are inherently very enjoyable and engaging. Incorporating gaming elements into computer science can help to motivate students to be more active in their participation. They are much more likely to want to invest their time and effort when they are having fun!

  • Active Learning

Games, by their nature, encourage a higher degree of active participation and problem solving. Rather than sitting and listening to a lecture, students instead have to strategize, make decisions and apply knowledge to solve in-game challenges. It is a more hands on approach compared to some computer based applications. 

  • Immediate Feedback

Games can often provide the kind of instant feedback that a student appreciates. For example, if a mistake is made, the game can offer immediate guidance, hints and explanations to help them correct the error. It is a valuable part of the process.

  • Customization

Game based learning can be tailored and customized to the individual needs of a student, being adapted to the learner’s skill level and then offering increasingly challenging tasks as they begin to make progress. It is a much more personalized approach that helps both struggling and advanced users at the same time.

  • Real World Application

Computer science games are able to simulate a plethora of real world scenarios, which allows students to apply what they have been learning in a much more practical context. This can help to bridge the gap between theory and application that often gets lost in a more traditional classroom environment with more old school methods.

  • Teamwork And Collaboration

Lots of educational games involve the need to collaborative play, which of course helps to foster better teamwork and enhances communication skills. In the realm of computer science, collaborative projects are very common, and game based learning can help students to better prepare for this atmosphere.

  • Risk Free Experimentation

Games provide a safe environment for experimentation in a virtual realm. Students are able to try different things and make mistakes, learning from them without having to deal with potential real world consequences. This encourages greater levels of creativity and problem solving.

  • Progress Tracking

The great thing about game-based learning platforms is that they will most often include tracking data and analytics that can be used to monitor the progress of a student and identify any specific areas where they might need extra help. Data driven approaches are always going to be more incisive and insightful.

  • Accessibility And Inclusivity

Games can be designed and created to accommodate the wide spectrum of learning styles and abilities. Audio, visual and tactile elements can all be incorporated to cater to more unique or diverse learners, as well as learners that might have disabilities that prevent them from using any particular element.

  • Long Term Engagement

Education game-based learning can help to extend the total duration of the learning itself, as students are likely to become more invested and spend voluntary time practicing and improving their skills. The team at Code Monkey have long since found that there is always more enthusiasm when something doesn’t necessarily feel like traditional coursework.

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