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New to programming? Or you are a programmer and you are used writing code on your computer. Have you even thought you could write, practice, exchange, improve your coding skills on your own phone? Especially for beginners if you want to use your phone to get acquainted with programming. But to find a good app on your phone is a pretty arduous. In this article, I would like to introduce to you an application called Sololearn – a great application that teaches vary programming languages right on your mobile phone.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho sololearn

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1. Learn

Founded in 2013, SoloLearn has emerged as one of the best mobile code-writing applications. In this section, you will be able to approach and learn 12 most popular programming languages including Javascript, C++, Java, Python, etc…It’s like a stepping stone that takes you to the real programming journey. You will start with the basics from programming languages that you want to learn, after each lesson by passing the questions you will gradually go to the next and of course finally if you can overcome the last challenges, you will have the opportunity to receive a certificate from SoloLearn and max up to 12.

A certificate from SoloLearn.

In addition to the 12 major programming languages, new course is constantly being updated to help users on the basics of other programming languages (like C, Kotlin), reinforce advanced lessons from programming languages which you have learned. Moreover, you will be adding fundamental knowledge of frameworks such as Angular, Bootstrap and algorithms, machine learning, data structures, regex, git and more…

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The interface of SoloLearn.

2. Play

Learn playing, play learning. This is a part of that application that I feel quite interesting. You can click on the “Play” button on the bottom of your screen to select programming languages as your weapon to challenge any player with what you have learned. Each time you play with each other, 2 players will deal with 5 questions. By showing your skills you will have the opportunity to win your opponent and gain some exp, but it is not very important. The plus point of this section is that you can both play and practice to improve your programming skills.

Image result for sololearn play with each other
Play section on SoloLearn.

3. Feed

In this section, the activities of your friends, of the people you are following will be displayed here: their recently completed matches, the programming languages they just stared learning, their questions and their answers that they have discussed with others, their code will be displayed here. In addition to the activities of the people you follow, it also gives you more information about the application, such as updates and new features of the application as well as programming languages.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho feed sololearn
Activity Feed on SoloLearn.

4. Code

One of the fastest ways to improve your coding is to create your own code, which will be the place to do it. Select your preferred programming language from the available programming languages and start coding and the rest is click “RUN”. If your code is interesting enough and there are many other good users your code will be displayed to the top of the page and people can see it.

Image result for code section sololearn
Code Playground on SoloLearn.

5. Discuss

A good community for developers can’t lack a part that they can exchange and SoloLearn is no exception. In this section, you will discuss with other users about programming related topics. If you have a question and you have not solved, a problem that makes you confused, you can express here and wait for others to help you solve the problem or take their advice. The problems people are having but you can handle so you can help them. Just like Code section, good questions or typical answers are displayed favorably. In addition, administrators will have posts to outline the general rules of this app for the users and the guidelines for new users.

You can download this app on:

As mentioned above, you can use SoloLearn on the browser but with less features.

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