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  • Runnable and Callable in Java

    In the early days of Java programming, whenever you want to create a thread, usually you would need the help of whether extending the Thread class or implementing the Runnable […]

  • Iterable and Iterator in Java

    A lot of people feel confused about the Iterator and Iterable interfaces in Java, because they have very similar names and sometimes they work together which makes people hardly tell […]

  • Serialization and Deserialization in Java through concrete examples

    In Java, the lifetime of all objects is limited at runtime, which means when you close a program and reopen it again, every object is reset to the initial state. […]

  • A Great Introduction to Threads in Java – How to create your own thread

    In the operating system terminology, a thread is the smallest unit of execution schedulable by an operating system’s scheduler. A process can be made up of one or many threads, […]

  • Understanding seven non-access modifiers in Java

    In the first part, we have learned about access modifiers in Java, including public, protected, default and private. Indeed, we can see that there are four access modifiers in Java. […]

  • Learn Java from Scratch: Access modifiers in Java

    Modifier Overview We have learned about variables and data types in Java, I think now it’s a good time to introduce some concepts about modifier types in Java. Modifier types […]

  • Learn Java from Scratch: Operators in Java

    In the previous article, we’ve talked about variables and data types. We already learned what is a variable, and how many data types that Java supports. In this article, we […]

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