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  • Covariance and Contravariance (Java)

    Many programming languages support subtyping, for example, MechanicalKeyboard can be a subtype of Keyboard, and according to the Liskov substitution principle, the MechanicalKeyboard instance should be substitutable everywhere the Keyboard […]

  • Some notes about TreeSet in Java

    The most frequent data structure that I use in Java is the List. But sometimes if I have to store distinct elements without caring about the ordering, then I would […]

  • Thread confinement in Java

    As a Java developer, perhaps all of us have written some kind of single-threaded program. In this program, we can reason about our code much easier when compared with multi-threaded […]

  • Delegate pattern with Consumer interface in Java

    As a Java programmer, sometimes you run into a situation when you want to take a task of an object and give it to another object, meaning the original object […]

  • Do You Really Need A Degree In Computer Science To Be A Software Developer?

    Do You Need A Degree To Be A Software Developer? The crux of being a successful software developer is the same as in every career : hard work is what […]


    Hi friends, as you can see writing code isn’t enough, to become a programmer you need to have a certain ability to think. To train thinking as a programmer, solving […]

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